about the camp

...It's bigger than basketball

Mon/Wed/Fri 8am - 5pm
AGES 7-13 Starting july 8, 2019 - august 30, 2019

7am – 8am
Breakfast (optional)
8am – 10am
Learning to code with the BrainPad and Microsoft MakeCode – Community Room
Math Hoops Game – Gym/Art Room
12pm – 1pm
1pm – 2pm
Discussion Panel / Invited Guests
2pm – 3pm
Hoop Skillz Training with DC Elite
3pm – 5pm
Team Practice / League Games

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Our CODE Hoop Dreams Camp is about learning the STEM behind basketball. Our curriculum has been carefully constructed to be creative and strategic, immersing the student in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics behind the sport he/she loves.

With lessons centered around the innovation and technology behind basketball shoes, calculating calories with general game-play, velocity, and acceleration with passing and shooting, and much, much more, our participants will cultivate and promote their STEM literacy, engagement, and retention.

Participants will also receive instruction in shooting, dribbling, passing, footwork, ball handling, and defense while fostering teamwork skills through an exciting 8 game league.

During the camp we will also introduce the participants to the wonderful world of coding. We will be teaching coding using the BrainPad and Microsoft MakeCODE. Using this powerful combination, we will teaching the participants the power simple coding instructions can have on the output of hardware. The tools are easy to use yet it ingrains simple coding principles in the minds of the users which could serve as a platform for the individual to engage in other coding languages in the future.

We will follow an intuitive 3 step flow of information: input - process - output. The participants will learn that computers work in the same way the human brain reacts to sensory data. The BrainPad sensors send input information through wires (similar to the nervous system in the human body) to the processor or "brain". The "brain" then processes that information to create a specific response or output as determined by the student.

The participants will learn that there are many jobs and opportunities that exist in the game of basketball and the importance that STEM plays in the sport.

All participants will also get to participate in NBA Math Hoops, a comprehensive community program, featuring a basketball board game, mobile app, and curriculum, that allows students to learn fundamental math skills through the game of basketball. All program content is developed in alignment Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Learning Skills, and has been shown to improve students’ foundational math and social-emotional skills.