Terrence Hicks
Summer Academy Staff

Terrence Hicks

CODE313 DRONExWEB Instructor
CODE313 / Metro Strategies

Terrence’s career began in the corporate world, working for the Ford Motor Company Fund, the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company North America. For Ford, he co-managed a $5m budget, and managed more than 20 non-profit organizations with an emphasis on community relations and public policy. But with record-breaking investments pouring into Detroit, workforce development remains the key to Detroit’s comeback. And workforce development is Terrence’s passion.

Terrence brings over 15 years of experience in workforce development to our clients. He focuses his work on developing new paradigms that enable local, minority businesses to participate in large infrastructure/development projects.

As a gubernatorial appointee, Terrence headed the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Office of Business Development where he developed and implemented some of Michigan’s most creative and innovative policies to ensure the inclusion of small, local-based businesses in the state’s billion-dollar infrastructure spending.

He also served as a Federal Highway Administration approved Independent Compliance Monitor. Hicks has employed a personal approach to creating awareness and breaking down bureaucratic barriers to success for residents and vendors alike on projects such as The Ann Arbor Transportation’s Blake Transit Center project, PAL/Tiger Stadium Youth Sports Facility, Dodge the Lodge M-10 highway project, and the M-39 Southfield Freeway restoration project.

Terrence started and incorporated Metro Strategies, Inc. March/2012.  Metro Strategies is a workforce development, compliance monitoring, community engagement and unmanned aerial vehicle data collection company.